Sunday, November 14, 2010

Tracklistings Halloween Special

above: Hellbound Hepcats


Dragula (Si Non Oscillas, Noli Tintinnare Mix) Rob Zombie 4:38

What a Nice Place Halloween 3:01

Year's Not Long Male Bonding 2:35

Screaming (MTL) The Brains 2:12

Friends Band Of Skulls 3:10

Fresh Blood Eels 4:26

Dreamscape Jeff the Brotherhood 2:46

Miss Paramount Indochine 3:02

The Northern (TOR) Alexisonfire 4:28

Second State (MTL) Convicted Marshalls 4:23

Nightmare (Radio Edit) Avenged Sevenfold 5:19

Lady Killer Priestess 4:06

Absolute Dissent Killing Joke 6:16


Birds & Planes Dinosaur Pile-Up 3:29

Werewolf (MTL) The Hellbound Hepcats 2:44

Welcome to Obscurity Hold Your Horse Is 5:04

Tales from the Crypt Halloween 3:21

Rocket Skates Deftones 4:14

Vive la mort (MTL) Xavier Caféine 4:37

Holding Hands (Cancon) We Are Wolves 2:28

New Low Middle Class Rut 4:19
The Whole World's Gone Mad The Adicts 2:20

Kiss With a Fist Florence + The Machine 2:04

Start Making Sense (EDM) Hot Panda 4:23

I Wanna Love You (MTL) Uncle Badtouch 2:44

Don't Metal With Evil Halloween 3:04

Fire Baptized Species Duchess Says 3:24

Odessa (TOR) Caribou 5:16

On a Wicked Night [Album Version] Danzig 4:02
Bell Screaming Females 2:24
Luna (MTL) Malajube 2:34