Monday, November 28, 2011

Tracklistings Nov 27th 2011

Run Right Back - Black Keys 3:16
Oringins - Tennis 3:34
Carlin (MTL) - Jason Bajada 4:26
Bad Things - Cults 3:40
Tame the Sun - Male Bonding 2:28
16 Years - Phantogram 3:56
What the Water Gave Me - Florence + The Machine 5:32
Vive la mort (MTL) - Xavier Caféine 4:37
For The One - WATERS 3:02
Crystal Ball (MTL) - Grimes 3:19
So Cold - The Dodos 4:20
Hello Sadness - Los Campesinos! 4:13
Narcisse (MTL) - Duchess Says 3:52
Gaze (MTL) - Suuns (Zeroes) 3:57
Cherry Red - Ty Segall 3:05
Screws Get Loose - Those Darlins 3:46
All Die Young - Smith Westerns 3:47
Holding on to Something (MTL) - Parlovr 3:17
Black Water (TOR) - The Coppertone 4:26
Agent Zero (TOR) - Arkells f. Kathleen Edwards 3:14
Sad Robot Harmonies (MTL) - Nash 2:51
Fog Friends (MTL) - Solids 3:22
Dadada - The Naked and Famous 3:09
Got No Twist (MTL) - Emery Street 5:44
Full Circle (MTL) - Half Moon Run 2:44
New Lands - Justice 4:14
Curl of the Burl - Mastodon 3:40
Red Hunting Jacket (MTL) - Little Scream 4:04
For 12 - Other Lives 4:11
Playing With Fire (MTL) - Kandle 2:57
Show Me The Place (MTL) - Leonard Cohen 4:09

Monday, November 21, 2011

Tracklistings Montreal Rocks Nov 20 2011

M83 Midnight City
The Naked and Famous Dadada
WATERS For The One
Final Flash Go Outside (MTL)
The National Sorrow
Half Moon Run Give Up (MTL)
Jason Bajada Carlin (TOR)
Anna Calvi Jezebel
Wavves I Wanna Meet Dave Grohl
Uncle Badtouch Strange City, Sing To Me (MTL)
The Drums What You Were
Red Fang Hank Is Dead
Mastodon Black Tongue
Ty Segall Cherry Red
Jeff the Brotherhood Whatever I Want

Parlovr Holding on to Something (MTL)
Duchess Says Narcisse (MTL)
Young Galaxy The Buzz In My Flesh (MTL)
Adam & The Amethysts Dreaming (MTL)
Nash Sad Robot Harmonies (MTL)
Feist The Bad In Each Other (NS)
Friends I'm His Girl
Cœur De Pirate Saint-Laurent (MTL)
The Adam Brown Silly Boy (MTL)
Girls Honey Bunny
The Greenhornes Underestimator
The Zolas Cultured Man (VAN)
St. Vincent Surgeon
Youth Lagoon Afternoon

Monday, November 7, 2011

Tracklisting Montreal Rocks Nov 6 2011

Heres what played on last nights show!

What the Water Gave Me Florence + The Machine 5:32
Eatin' Dust Fu Manchu 3:11
Lonely Boy The Black Keys 3:13
U.R.A. Fever The Kills 2:16
Dreamscape Jeff the Brotherhood 2:46
Lights (VAN) Pack A.D. 2:14
Parentheses The Antlers 3:26
Insects (Rodaidh Mix) The XX 2:29
Stay Gold The Big Pink 3:38
Friend Crush Friends 3:09
Sad Robot Harmonies (MTL) Nash 2:51
Money The Drums 3:54
The Rhombus is a Square (MTL) Trigger Effect 1:51
Midnight City M83 4:03
The Buzz In My Flesh (MTL) Young Galaxy 3:32
Know My Name (VAN/MTL) Kandle 4:24
Looking for Vince (MTL) The Sainte Catherines 3:10
Adieu (MTL) Coeur De Pirate 2:27
Silly Boy (MTL) The Adam Brown 4:01
Wires Red Fang 5:43
Them Kids (MTL) Sam Roberts Band 4:11
Are You Gonna' Waste My Time (TOR) Zeus 2:38
Michigan Left (TOR) Arkells 3:27
The Bad In Each Other (NS) Feist 4:45
Good Day at the Races (MTL/TOR) Hollerado 3:30
It (NS) Rich Aucoin 3:59
Seeds (NL) Hey Rosetta! 4:27
Change the Sheets (OTT) Kathleen Edwards 4:34
Hell, Heaven (MTL) Parlovr 4:33
Holding on to Something (MTL) Parlovr 3:17
Fire (VAN) Yukon Blonde 3:35