Monday, November 7, 2011

Tracklisting Montreal Rocks Nov 6 2011

Heres what played on last nights show!

What the Water Gave Me Florence + The Machine 5:32
Eatin' Dust Fu Manchu 3:11
Lonely Boy The Black Keys 3:13
U.R.A. Fever The Kills 2:16
Dreamscape Jeff the Brotherhood 2:46
Lights (VAN) Pack A.D. 2:14
Parentheses The Antlers 3:26
Insects (Rodaidh Mix) The XX 2:29
Stay Gold The Big Pink 3:38
Friend Crush Friends 3:09
Sad Robot Harmonies (MTL) Nash 2:51
Money The Drums 3:54
The Rhombus is a Square (MTL) Trigger Effect 1:51
Midnight City M83 4:03
The Buzz In My Flesh (MTL) Young Galaxy 3:32
Know My Name (VAN/MTL) Kandle 4:24
Looking for Vince (MTL) The Sainte Catherines 3:10
Adieu (MTL) Coeur De Pirate 2:27
Silly Boy (MTL) The Adam Brown 4:01
Wires Red Fang 5:43
Them Kids (MTL) Sam Roberts Band 4:11
Are You Gonna' Waste My Time (TOR) Zeus 2:38
Michigan Left (TOR) Arkells 3:27
The Bad In Each Other (NS) Feist 4:45
Good Day at the Races (MTL/TOR) Hollerado 3:30
It (NS) Rich Aucoin 3:59
Seeds (NL) Hey Rosetta! 4:27
Change the Sheets (OTT) Kathleen Edwards 4:34
Hell, Heaven (MTL) Parlovr 4:33
Holding on to Something (MTL) Parlovr 3:17
Fire (VAN) Yukon Blonde 3:35