Sunday, October 30, 2011

Tracklistings CHOM Montreal Rocks TAKEOVER with Marc-André Grondin! Oct 30 2011

Tonight our first ever CHOM Montreal Rocks TAKEOVER with Montréal Actor and Drummer Marc-André Grondin!

Here's what we're playing on tonights show!

Silly Boy (MTL) The Adam Brown 4:01
Wires Red Fang 5:43
Black Water Apparat 4:54
Grown Ocean Fleet Foxes 4:36
At the Farm White Denim 3:59
Them Kids (MTL) Sam Roberts Band 4:11
Midnight City M83 4:03
Go Outside (MTL) Final Flash 3:46
Go Outside Cults 3:23
Modern Art Black Lips 2:04
Good Day at the Races (MTL) Hollerado 3:30
Die Girls 4:50
Crystal Ball (MTL) Grimes 3:19
Black Tongue Mastodon 3:26
Lights (VAN) Pack A.D. 2:14
Narcisse (MTL) Duchess Says 3:52
Stay Gold The Big Pink 3:38
Tony Berg (MTL) The Adam Brown 4:21
Idaho (MTL) Passwords 4:26
Same Mum (MTL) Braids 7:02
Sober Bender (MTL) Uncle Badtouch 2:18
Ungrateful Are the Dead Graveyard 3:10
Get Found Bass Drum Of Death 3:01
Friend Crush Friends 3:09
Holding on to Something (MTL) Parlovr 3:17