Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tracklistings Jan 23 2011

Looking for a track you heard on tonights show?? Check the tracklistings!!

9PM Wave of Mutilation Pixies
Wattershed Foo Fighters
Barricade Interpol
It Happened Today R.E.M.
Rolling/Nectarine Hooray For Earth
Jail La La Dum Dum Girls
Screaming Bloody Murder (TOR) Sum 41
Black History Month Death From Above 1979
Thrones (MTL) The Dears
Shake Me Down Cage the Elephant
Down By the Water The Decemberists
Hawaii (MTL) No Joy
Post Acid Wavves
Boyfriend Best Coast
Ohio The Black Keys
Brides Song Yukon Blonde
Them Kids (MTL) Sam Roberts
10PM Lost In You (TOR) Three Days Grace
Scream With Me Mudvayne
Colours Grouplove
Taken (MTL) The Dryheaves
Only Nine Inch Nails
White Winter Hymnal Fleet Foxes
Cocaine Cowgirl (iTunes Session) (NS) Matt Mays
Ordinary Dream (MTL) Valleys
Natural Kind of Joy (MTL) Dead Child Star
U.R.A. Fever The Kills
Don't Let Go (TOR) The Envy
Lemonade (MTL) Braids
Burning the Bowery Jesse Malin & The St. Marks Social

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Tracklisting January 16th 2010

Looking for a song we played on tonights show??? Check out the tracklistings!

9PM It Happened Today R.E.M. 3:48
Bigger Than Us White Lies 4:44:00
Elephants Warpaint 4:44:00
Bambi (MTL) Tokyo Police Club 2:46:00
Hard to Explain The Strokes 3:44:00
Ordinary Dream(MTL) Valleys 3:26:00
Albatross (MTL) The Besnard Lakes 4:42:00
Gaze (MTL) Suuns (Zeroes) 3:57:00
Shake Me Down Cage the Elephant 3:31:00
Colours Grouplove 4:16:00
Red Light (iTunes Session) Karkwa 4:03
Hot Under the Collar(TOR) Zeus 3:46
Ohio The Black Keys 4:29
Rolling/Nectarine Hooray For Earth 4:28
Hawaii (MTL) No Joy 4:05:00
10PM The Buzz In My Flesh (MTL) Young Galaxy 3:32:00
Thrones (MTL) The Dears 3:37:00
Skin Temperature (MTL) Rome Romeo 4:01
Black & White Detroit Social Club 4:27:00
City of Lakes (NS) Matt Mays 6:13
Scream With Me Mudvayne 2:53:00
4:00 AM Avenged Sevenfold 5:01
Blood (MTL) The Dears 4:08:00
You Only Live Once The Strokes 3:09
Zebra Beach House 4:49
Anna Sun Walk the Moon 5:18
Step Out of the Car The Boxer Rebellion 3:03
Mission Bells (MTL) Armistice 3:23
Sleepwalking (MTL) the Jimmyriggers 3:33

Tracklisting January 9th 2010

9PM Month of May (MTL) Arcade Fire 3:51
Gaze (MTL) Suuns (Zeroes) 3:57:00
Screaming (MTL) The Brains 2:12:00
Back to the Basement That I Love (MTL) The Sainte Catherines 3:09:00
Go Outside (MTL) Final Flash 3:46:00
Cloud Shadow On the Mountain (Cancon) Wolf Parade 4:22:00
Bambi (MTL) Tokyo Police Club 2:46:00
Fireworks (MTL) The Hoof & The Heel 3:27:00
Hell, Heaven (MTL) Parlovr 4:33:00
GDFR (MTL) The BCASA 2:44:00
Americanarama (MTL) Hollerado 3:22
Broken English (MTL) Colin Moore 3:57
Les chemins de verre (Cancon) Karkwa 3:20:00
Tokyo (MTL) Belgrave 4:20:00
Albatross (MTL) The Besnard Lakes 4:42:00
10PM How Much More (Tor/Mtl) Stars 2:56:00
Cloak and Cipher (Cancon) Land of Talk 3:47:00
Northshore (Cancon) Tegan and Sara 2:05
Hawaii (MTL) No Joy 4:05:00
The Buzz In My Flesh (MTL) Young Galaxy 3:32
Taken (MTL) The Dryheaves 3:11:00
Tiny Head (MTL) The Luyas 4:22
Only Man (MTL) The Hellbound Hepcats 3:09:00
Blood (MTL) The Dears 4:08
Plastic Slides (MTL) Winter Gloves 2:49
I Wanna Love You (MTL) Uncle Badtouch 2:44
Red Mass Red Mass 5:02
Second State (MTL) Convicted Marshalls (2010) 4:23
Broken Dreams (MTL) Victory Chimes 5:45
Automatic Bomb Woman (MTL) Pom Pom War 3:26
Grace (Love On The Block) Bran Van 3000 3:07
Fire Baptized Species Duchess Says 3:24
Penfield The Crown Vandals 3:44