Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tracklistings May 1 2011

Month of May (MTL) Arcade Fire 3:51
Gaze (MTL) Suuns (Zeroes) 3:57
Screaming (MTL) The Brains 2:12
Back to the Basement That I Love (MTL) The Sainte Catherines 3:09
Go Outside (MTL) Final Flash 3:46
Cloud Shadow On the Mountain (MTL) Wolf Parade 4:22
Bambi (MTL) Tokyo Police Club 2:46
Fireworks (MTL) The Hoof & The Heel 3:27
Hell, Heaven (MTL) Parlovr 4:33
Americanarama (MTL) Hollerado 3:22
Broken English (MTL) Colin Moore 3:57
Les chemins de verre (MTL) Karkwa 3:20
Tokyo (MTL) Belgrave 4:20
Albatross (MTL) The Besnard Lakes 4:42
How Much More (Tor/Mtl) Stars 2:56
Cloak and Cipher (MTL) Land of Talk 3:47
Northshore (MTL/VAM) Tegan and Sara 2:05
Hawaii (MTL) No Joy 4:05
The Buzz In My Flesh (MTL) Young Galaxy 3:32
Taken (MTL) The Dryheaves 3:11
Tiny Head (MTL) The Luyas 4:22
Only Man (MTL) The Hellbound Hepcats 3:09
Blood (MTL) The Dears 4:08
Plastic Slides (MTL) Winter Gloves 2:49
I Wanna Love You (MTL) Uncle Badtouch 2:44
Red Mass (MTL) Red Mass 5:02
Second State (MTL) Convicted Marshalls (2010) 4:23
Broken Dreams (MTL) Victory Chimes 5:45
Automatic Bomb Woman (MTL) Pom Pom War 3:26
Grace (Love On The Block) Bran Van 3000 3:07
Fire Baptized Species (MTL) Duchess Says 3:24
Penfield (MTL) The Crown Vandals 3:44